Luxury Nomad: Louis Vuittion Objets Nomades Collection

Louis Vuitton unveiled its Objets Nomades collection in Design Miami this week. It’s a limited edition of foldable furniture and travel accessories that designed by famous international designers like Campana Brothers, Atelier Oi, Nendo and Christian Liaigre. Took reference from the bespoke trunk that made LV famous in the 19th century, these designers made some contemporary pieces with great portability, such as leather hammock, folding stool and hanging travel cabinet.

Hanging travel cabinet by the Campana Brothers


Hammock by Atelier Oi
Folding Stool by Atelier Oi
Lamp by Nendo


Table by Christian Liaigre

The beautifully made collection reminds me about the origins of LV. It took care of Europeans in the Steam Age who have greater travel needs than before. Now this collection comes timely with the contemporary nomadic needs also.


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