Future Catwalk: A interactive video by Barnaby Roper

The fashion catwalk experience has been transforming since brands start to stream the show online. The once exclusive activity welcomes much larger audience in the digital world. The view of fashion becomes more multi-dimensional. For example Showstudio displays twitters and instagram along with photographer-taken pictures and editor comments.

Director Barnaby Roper’s recent short film for Nowness is another project portraying vision for future catwalk. In the film, Dutch model Mirte Maas seems to be walking at a infinite runway. Users are able to change the scene when they press a letter on the keyboard. 26 different environments were created corresponding to each letter, including high-definition forest, a space-age desert landscape and kaleidoscopic moving collages. Viewers have the choices in the interactive video rather than being dictated by the creators. This kind of interactivity will become more common in fashion and other types of online video in the near future.

Follow the link to see the psychedelic video.





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