A Life Changing Idea: LifeSwap

Looking for the right job is a daunting process.You do intensive research, talk to friends and family, learn from the prospective employer during interview. But you can never really know a job until you do it. Students may explore potential interests through internship, but chances are limited.

LifeSwap offers a brand new platform for people to experience others’ work life. You can look for hosts in particular careers and shadow under them for a few hours. Some currently available opportunities in the site include yoga instructor, baker, event planner or Stanford MBA student. According to Founder Bastiaan Janmaat: “We are filling the void between superficial job information provided by family, friends, and job fairs on one hand, and major commitments such as internships on the other. LifeSwap is a commitment-free and extremely immersive way to experience a career for a few hours.” There is benefits for the host also. It may be a new channel for companies to look for potential candidates or bring in new perspectives to the existing business.

This idea has great potential to take off with the experience-seeking Millennials generation. Even for those who have no doubt about their careers, it may serve as a holiday experience to take a break from current job and be a somebody else for a day.

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