What’s there after Death? Biodegradable Urn Turns People into Trees

If you are an environmentally friendly person then you should like this idea: turning yourself into trees after death. Martin Azua & Gerard Moline are the creative industrial designers behind this concept. They developed a biodegradable urn that made from coconut shells, compacted peat and cellulose. Cremated remains in the urn will fertilize the seeds inside naturally and help them grow into a tree. People can choose the seeds and be the type of tree they want.

It is a wonderful idea to relieve the carbon footprint and crowded cemeteries. It is also the most natural way to be immortal, returning to life again in another form. Ash to ashes, dust to dust.


  1. Nothing short of fantastic! I think the carbon footprint created by cemeteries becoming more and more crowded is pushed to the back of people’s minds. But wow! What a way to go!

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