Deformed Surrealism : Walter Van Beirendonck Menswear F/W2012

Deformed surrealism

Immaterial world like spirituality and subconsciousness  has become a designer topic in these few years.  By looking at the immaterial world, we seems have a better understanding of our reality. Walter Van Beirendonck developed his fall/winter 2012 menswear collection by pulling totemic voodoo sensitivity and translating it to mask, chains, key lock necklace and other elements. In this collection, WVB went into the dark impulse of subconsciousness and visualized it like the way Surrealism artists do.

WVB’s color way doesn’t make much surprise in this collection. Pale purple pink, pastels  and other bright choices are colors that we have seen from many of his previous collections. But the outstanding part is the way he deformed – reshaped men’s silhouette and made it work by color combination.

Images :



  1. Excellent write up. We love the two-tone suiting, the idea is so simple but works brilliantly. The individual garments this time round have such a fashion edge but are still wearable.

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